Patient Advocate

Patti Lawson is our co-owner and patient advocate.

Patti has trained extensively and continues with on-going education at the Ulan Nutrition System headquarters in Florida. She has a vast knowledge of nutritional supplements and a whole foods diet. Patti coordinates all patient programs and helps facilitate the transition to a whole foods diet for optimum health. Her greatest passion professionally is helping young mothers understand what a whole foods diet is and why it is vital to their childrens’ growth, development and overall well-being.

When not working, Patti can be found spending time with her family or involved in various activities such as Crossfit, cooking, reading, hiking or traveling. She is the founder of the Military Moms of Vernon, a group of military moms that support one another as well as our troops through fundraising and the shipment of care packages to deployed troops. Patti’s enthusiasm and compassion are two of the reasons our patients do so well in recovering their health.